Numb 520 Reviews

Numb 520 Reviews

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo and you know you have a low pain threshold, you might be interested in topical numbing creams. Numbing creams can help reduce the stress of getting a tattoo, for new and experienced customers alike. An increasing number of artists are keeping these on hand, knowing that a comfortable client is much easier to work with. Some tattoo artists, however, prefer to keep the experience ‘authentic,’ so speak to yours beforehand to get recommendations and advice.

Once you start your research, you’ll find plenty of lidocaine based skin numbing creams that look alike and have similar sounding names, which is further complicated by the fact that you want a lidocaine numbing cream that’s non-greasy and suitable for tattoo work. Some numbing creams can interfere with the absorption of ink into the skin.

Numb 520 comes highly recommended for many applications, including waxing, laser hair removal, piercings, and tattoos, due to its high lidocaine content which quickly and effectively numbs the target skin area with very little mess. It’s suitable for tattoo work due to its water-based formula that allows the artist to work without having to worry about the needle slipping all over your skin, and potentially ruining your piece.

Numb 520 Lidocaine Skin Cream Features

Numb 520 Review

Lidocaine is a very effective pain-relief drug that blocks your skin nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. It works by getting absorbed into your skin and blocking your nerve ending receptors, meaning that the pain signals can’t travel to and from the affected area.

Numb 520 is an over-the-counter numbing cream that contains the highest amount of lidocaine allowed by the FDA before you have to get a prescription. This lidocaine strength means that it works quickly and effectively, and is ideal for extremely painful areas without having to resort to a doctor’s visit.

Due to its formulation, the lidocaine in Numb 520 forms a liposome that is easily and rapidly absorbed by the skin, which is why it starts to work in a couple of minutes. The full numbing effect occurs within half an hour of application and lasts for up to an hour, depending on your skin type and the purpose of use. In some Numb 520 reviews, users have reported the skin numbing effect lasting up to four hours, so make sure you test the cream to see how long it works for your skin.

Numb 520 was developed by a well-regarded company called Ebanel Laboratories, which has plenty of experience in high-end lidocaine skincare products as well as stem cell technology. Their expert team created a lidocaine numbing cream that is effective and safe to use on your skin, and you can rest assured that no expense was spared in producing it.

Many over-the-counter lidocaine numbing creams work effectively but are incredibly greasy and messy. Also, lidocaine creams have a particularly strong, unpleasant smell, but Numb 520’s unique formulation ensures that it is odorless, saving your sinuses from hours of unpleasantness during use.

Numb 520 is water-based, making it non-greasy and perfect for the tattooing process. Using it is incredibly simple, and straightforward. Clean-up afterward is also easy, as the cream can just be wiped off your skin with a damp sponge when you are finished.

While Numb 520 isn’t explicitly designed to be hypoallergenic, there are very few ingredients in the skin cream that are known to cause allergic reactions, making it safe to use for all skin types. And, since it’s excellent at penetrating, it’s ideal for those people who have thicker or coarser skin.

However, it’s always important to test any new skincare product, and this includes numbing creams. Apply a small amount on the inside of your arm and let it sit for the same amount of time that it would during your typical application. Wash it off with soap and water and wait for up to 48 hours to see if you develop a reaction. If you see any redness, swelling or irritation, find another product that’s better for your skin. Consult with both your doctor and your artist for recommendations and advice.

Numb 520 Skin Cream Pros

While Numb 520 isn’t marketed exclusively as a tattoo-numbing cream, it’s got several characteristics that make it excellent for tattoos:

  • Its high lidocaine content means that even the most sensitive skin areas will be numbed effectively for up to an hour, which is perfect for people who are tattooing their face, ribs, feet or any other area that is known to be painful, even for experienced tattoo clients.
  • The specific liposome formulation of Numb 520’s lidocaine means that it works rapidly and effectively.
  • The non-greasy formulation ensures that the cream doesn’t interfere with the tattooing process. Even a thick layer of Numb 520 is non-greasy and not messy at all, so your artist can work on your skin without worrying about slippage or needle contamination.
  • Numb 520 is an over-the-counter lidocaine numbing cream, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a doctor to get it. If used as instructed it’s entirely safe for use during a tattoo session and will make the process simpler and more comfortable for you and your artist.
  • It’s odorless, perfect for long sessions in a closed space.
  • You can start feeling the numbing effect of Numb 520 on your skin within minutes of application, making it ideal for people who decide during a session that they would like to use a lidocaine numbing cream instead of toughing it out. It achieves its full effect within half an hour and lasts for an hour afterward, which is perfect for a short tattoo session.

Numb 520 is useful during a tattoo session, but it can be helpful in many other situations as well. You can use it for piercings, during a waxing or laser hair removal session or any time where you’re expecting to feel discomfort and pain. Numb 520 has even been used to treat hemorrhoids, so it’s a versatile cream with a significant amount of applications.

Numb 520 Skin Cream Cons

Unfortunately, some people don’t experience much of a nerve-deadening effect with lidocaine, and if that’s the case for you, you may find that it doesn’t work as a numbing cream at all.

Because it’s a water-based numbing cream, it has to be applied in a thick layer to prevent evaporation and extend numbing time, which can interfere with some tattoo work, particularly delicate lines.

Multiple repeat uses of Numb 520 are not recommended as there can be a lidocaine build-up in the body, which can lead to seizures and spasms as well as a whole host of medical conditions. Numb 520 isn’t recommended for long sessions where you’ll need multiple reapplications every hour or so. There are possible side-effects which can include redness, swelling, blistering and irritation, all of which will interfere with the tattooing process. It’s vital that you test Numb 520 (or any other numbing cream) on a small area before you commit to a larger area during your tattooing session.

Lidocaine Skin Numbing 520 Review Summary

Lidocaine is one of the most effective numbing agents on the market, and Numb 520’s particular formulation makes it ideal as a numbing cream. It gets to work almost instantly, and the full effect can be felt within 20 minutes. The fact that it’s non-greasy makes it ideal for tattoos, as it doesn’t interfere with the tattooing process. Because it’s so fast acting, Numb 520 can be used at any point in the process, and you don’t have to apply it before going in for your session.

Numbing creams make the tattooing process more pleasant for both the client and the artist. If you’re worried about pain and plan to have a session that lasts up to an hour and a half, Numb 520 is the perfect cream for you.